What you should know about your locksmith!

Qualified Locksmiths – If they’re not an member of the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA), then they’re not qualified. There is no midpoint, and no reason not to be a part (other than the reason that they’re not good enough to pass the various tests / inspections). We can’t give you any preferable counsel over to utilize the MLA site to locate a fitting locksmith.

– ‘Police Approved’ – There is no such plan in the UK… any case is false, and an exceptionally deceptive lie. Keep you distance from!

– CRB Checked – Although not generally a falsehood, most locksmiths aren’t CRB checked (or what is presently really DBS), so request that they demonstrate it and you’ll soon perceive how reliable they are

– No Call Out Charges/Fees – Every locksmith needs paying for their work, paying little mind to what they call it, there is a charge. On the off chance that they’re attempting to delude you into supposing it’s free, they’re presumably worth giving a miss.



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