Helpful Tips: Door Key Doesn’t Work

Door Key Doesn’t Work

In the event that your entryway key doesn’t work right, the first and most clear step is to make certain you’re using the right key. When you get the entryway open, try the key once more. In the event that it works effortlessly, the deadbolt isn’t connecting with the strike plate properly. On the off chance that it doesn’t work easier, grease up and clean the lock. At that point spray a little graphite into the cylinder and try the key a few more times.

On the off chance that the key turns however doesn’t open the lock, dismantle the lock so you can make sure the cam or tang is properly connected with the jolt.

Replace any broken parts and reassemble the lock. If the key won’t go into the lock, inquire as to whether the climate is cold enough for the lock to be solidified. In the event that it is, warm the key and insert it gradually into the keyway. Repeat heating and inserting the key until the ice has melted.

A new key that won’t go in or work appropriately may have rough spots that need to be filed off. To discover them, hold the key over a candle light to darken it with residue (soot) and afterward turn it very slightly in the lock and remove it. File down any shiny areas where the soot was removed by the rough spots.



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