Decide what type of safe do you need?

When investing in a safe there are some specifics that need to be known in order for you to purchase the best quality safes for you valuables.

1) Is it to store data – to keep electronic information, for example, back up tapes or disks safe

2) Is it a flame proof (needing to guarantee files and documents are protected in-case of a fire)

3) Is it a safe to keep money and assets?

4) What rating do you require (i.e. the amount of quality are you going to keep in it – your insurance provider will normally specify a cash/jewellery rating you require)

5) You may see some amazing safes in DIY stores however, have they been tested to any regulations or standards?

Get a proper safe specified and installed by your specialist locksmith. Fitting is key – you can have a decent quality safe yet in the event that it isn’t fitted properly, criminals can take it with them in the because its not too large!


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